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Baba Talisha has actively been involved in the sendoff of renown TikToker Brian Chira.

He oversaw the transfer of his body from City mortuary to the Kenyatta Funeral Home and has been sharing updates about the TikTokers funeral. Aside from that, he organized a fundraiser and also purchased requirements for the funeral.

The funeral however came when Baba Talisha had cut contact with Chira to protect his daughter, brand and among other reasons because of the weird things he was doing on social media.

During  Chira’s memorial on Obinna TV, Baba Talisha revealed that Chira’s grandmother appointed him to fully oversee the funeral plan and it is because of the closeness that he has with the family.

“Shosho aliniambia yeye hawezienda kwa morgue. Already alikuwa ashaambiwa news(on Chira’s death) na mtu nilikuwa nimetumanisha. Akaniambia the only thing you will do for me is you will do everything for me and that is what I have done until right now. I have been there helping her. I was like family to her. I was like that son who came to the family to help. When she needed that help I was ready to help because I would lose nothing being kind to her,” he said.

He went on to narrate how he met Chira.

“It was on August 9. Niliona video yake TikTok alikuwa amelewa kabisa na alikuwa anatusi watu. I saw this boy had something but alcohol was taking that something from him,” he said.

From there he contacted Chira and urged him to come to Nairobi for a meeting. By then Chira was still in Nakuru studying at Kabarak.

“Immediately tuliongea naye kwa simu the next day akakuja Nairobi. That is how Chira alitokanga Nakuru to Nairobi,” Baba Talisha recalled.

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