TikToker Nyako pilot has called out Baba Talisha among other TikTokers, accusing them of pretending to care about Brian Chira after his death.

The controversial content creator said that Baba Talisha cut ties with Chira after using him for views, and by him taking part actively in his funeral arrangements and family is all pretence, and another tactic to gain more views.

“Nitakanyaga shingo stop pretending… tactics za kuchanga pesa za matanga. Nimerudia Baba Talisha stop pretending. Nikanyage shingo vizuri ashindwe kupumua. Why are people pretending. Wanaenda kulia kwa mortuary ati Brian amekufa. Stop pretending na mnichukie because I am saying the truth na mnichokonoe.

“Hao ndio wako kipaumbele ati am taking care of shosho am taking care of what msituchezee sisi si watoto wadogo. Posts after post ni Brian. Wacheni kujifanya mmevalia ngozi ya kondoo  na sitakokma stop pretending. Baba Talisha stop pretending. Hata kutafutia Brian nyumba ilikushinda hata kumpangia nyumba ilikushinda sahi ndio unajifanya hapa. Acheni kudanganya watu last minute kama huyo kijana ameshakufa mnajifanya hapa mko more responsible give credit where it is due for the people who were there in that boy’s life not on camera.

“There are people who took advantage of that boy for the sake of viewers and Baba T is one of them kwani mimi nitaficha? Baba T is one of them on camera with Brian for viewers,”  an angry Nyako said during a live TikTok session, adding that Prince Mwiti, Obidan Dela and Brina should be given their flowers for being supportive to Chira all the time.

She wondered why those sharing posts about Chira never did so while he was alive, or helped him when he called for  help in the middle of the night.

“Why didn’t he call you when you were that friend that was close to him na mnaishi karibu na yeye,” Nyako said.

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Baba Talisha however cut ties with Chira to protect his young daughter.

Responding to critics, the photographer said that he risked everything including his brand while associating with the late Chira.

“I was mocked how I treated Chira like a kid while I was trying to show him the way, while I told him about his circle, his circle created videos  saying  how I was with him for views and content while no one in the circle helped him until this day. Still today, they are blaming me for not being there and when I was there, they were still blaming me for being there,” he said in a lenghty TikTok post

According to him, despite the humiliation he faced for associating with Chira, he continued to encourage him and supporting his grandmother.

“Now that he is no more, look at who is creating more content  that those who stood up for chira. So stop being ignorant yet you all know some who were close to him, were genuine. I stepped back because I had someone to protect. I did what I did because I was able to do,” he explained.






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