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The Wa Jesus family has threatened to take legal action against a YouTube channel that shared defamatory content against Milly Wa Jesus’ mother

According to the content creators, the YouTube channel allegedly shared content about Milly wa Jesus’ mother bewitching Kabi.

In a video that was Shared online, Kabi said that they would be going for the YouTube channel as well as those who are after hurting their brand, which they have been building for so long.

“We are going to take legal action to anyone that has been speaking ill about The Wa Jesus family as a brand and even about Mama Milly. Huyu ni mama kama mama yako. Those defamatory statements, those statements of insinuating ati ooh sijui evidence of Mama Milly bewitched Kabi are you crazy? We are going to come for and just know that we have worked for our brand for so long and this brand actually earns money what we do… those things that you are have been doing you know you have to pay for it,” the father of three said.

Kabi further said that they will no longer be handling trolls through the comment section.

“We are going to take legal actions against some of you. When you see us do this usiseme ati ooh mbona mnastrike down tusmall YouTube channels… Mtu yeyote anataka kufight na the Wajesus family we are not going to be dealing with you on the comments section anymore we are taking legal action. Anybody that been posting those things especially to abuse our Mama we are coming for you.  Its very wrong, we are going to take legal action especially to that YouTube channel that wrote that defamatory statement,” he said.

Mama Milly also expressed her anger saying that she will not let the defamatory remarks pass.

“That I bewitched Kabi, such a topic unaeka kwa YouTube yako na nikiskiza huyo mtu ni mtoto mdogo sana hata kuliko watoto nimezaa. Shame on You and I am going to follow up with you. I am a mother, I am a teacher, I am a mother of nation. Some of you I was their teacher… unakuja kuniambia hapo ati bewitched Kabi bewitched Kabi  what is that achana na mimi. Yaani mtu anaezaandika ati Mama Milly wa Jesus bewitched Kabi, ulikuwa unataka aoe sister ako ama akuoe?” she said.


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