Radio personality and TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya recently celebrated her birthday.

The TikToker revealed that she was turning 23 years but many Kenyans doubted her age with some saying that she turns 23 each and every year.

Others disputed her age saying that she looks too old to be 23.

Azziad has come out to address the subject saying that every year, people have issues with her age.

In an interview with Radio Maisha, the actress however noted that there is nothing wrong with her looking older than her age.

“Every year….When IĀ  turned 21 there was an issue, ukisonga, there is an issue mi nashangaa kwani niko na mama mwingine kwenye internet na sijui. One thing I get a lot is I am told I look older than my age which is normal, it’s fine. It’s fine to look older than your age but if I tell I am 10, 16 and you feel like its not true why would you dispute someone else’s age, what is your issue,” Azziad told Mwende and Clemmo.

She said that those who are always doubting her age and sharing negative comments about it have a ‘condition’ known as limited thinking. Azziad added that the naysayers are bitter because of the achievements she has made at such a young age.

“I have come to understand that people have what we call limited thinking. Limited thinking is where you feel like I am 20 years old so everyone who is 20 years old is not supposed to have achieved certain things, it is only people who are like above a certain age and even people who are older, juu utapata watu wengi people who are older than me wako na shida na mimi wako like iki kitoto kimeachieve aje hizi vitu zote, I think it comes from a sense of bitterness,” she said.



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