Vera Sidika has revealed that her boyfriend prefers her natural look and in one instance, she made her wash off her
make up, soon after she was done glamming up.

Although it’s said make up is used to enhance someone’s beauty ,surprisingly it would piss the man off.

The guy even went on further to suggest that Sidika shouldn’t apply makeup at all when she goes  to visit him.

” There’s a time my ” bf” made me wash off all my makeup and I had just finished applying,” She wrote on her insta stories, proceeding to add that the man thought she looked horrible .

“He said I looked horrible with make up that whenever I go see him I should never have any make up on.”

The whole scenario seemed funny to the mother of two ,still in disbelief on how far she went to impress her boyfriend.

“So I’m always bare face around him when I remove my wig and my wig lines showing he goes even more crazy eh ,” Vera added.

Earlier this year the Kenyan beauty revealed she was seeing a Nigerian man but wasn’t really looking for full commitment, all she wanted to do was have fun .

“For me, I don’t want anything commitment at the moment. I just wanna have a fan – I’m seeing someone but I won’t say I’m in a serious relationship. It’s like I’m single because I didn’t want it to be serious…niko 50/50 one leg in, one leg out,” Vera said. 

The socialite went on to state that her man is fully aware that she doesn’t want anything serious.

“I don’t want them to be committed and I don’t want a commitment. He is Nigerian. You know how they say once you go black you never go back, it’s like once you go Nigerian you never go back. It was like I was lost somewhere and now it’s back to sender,” She said .

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