Risper Faith, an entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of @risperfaithcreation1, has recently disclosed the reason why she bleached her skin in a candid interview.

Known for her entrepreneurial skills at the same time an influencer on social media, Risper has openly admitted to using skin bleaching products, leading to different reactions across various platforms.

She said. “Yes, kwani nani hajatumia mikorogo?” She remarked, acknowledging the use of bleaching products with a rhetorical question. Suggesting it is a usual thing.

She also supported her reason for bleaching by linking it to current society demands and preferences of men that makes many women join suit.

“Nyi ubaya yenu hampendi kuskia ukweli. Wanaume wote hii Nairobi sahii wanapenda wasichana weupe.” She said.

This reflects men perception of the beauty standards in the  today’s society according to her. She illustrated her point, when she claims that men often choose light skinned women over those with darker complexions.

“Enda kwa club kaa hapo na rafiki zako weupe uone nani ataitwa,” Risper Faith suggested. This implies that the attention is always directed toward the light skinned women.

The entrepreneur also addressed the notion that “black is beauty,” suggesting that these ideals may no longer hold the same weight in today’s society.

“I know black is beauty but tunaenda na vile dunia inataka. Saa hizi wanaume wanataka wasichana weupe sasa unafanya nini kama wewe si mweupe?” “Si utakoroga?” she questioned, pointing to a perceived shift in beauty preferences that she believes leads to skin bleaching.

Despite having found a partner, she admits that she continues to use bleaching products.

“Huwa napaka sometimes,” she revealed. She also added  “Ukiona makwapa imeanza kuwa black magoti inakuwa black na paka.” Risper Faith emphasized her belief that bleaching  isn’t that bad. “It’s not a bad thing,” she noted.

While the conversation continues, Faith remains unapologetic, standing by her choices.


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