Self-proclaimed president of comedy and now a human activist, Eric Omondi has expressed his  desire to add two more daughters in future.

The father of two, during an interview with Rick Media, stated that his daughter, Kyla, is an answered prayer as it was his dream, since childhood to have daughters.

“It feels so nice. God answered my prayers. It has always been my wish since I was young to have three beautiful daughters. I already have one, and I wouldn’t mind adding two.” Eric Omondi said.

He also promised to surprise his fans with  them with a grand wedding very soon.

“Sisi ni watu wa surprise. Dodoo,” he said.


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Eric met his fiancee Lynne Njihia at a shooting event after her birthday, on the first week of April 2020.

“I met Eric after my birthday in 2020. That was around the first week of April. We were shooting something, and from there,we’ve been in touch until now we are here.” she told YouTuber Vincent Mboya

The mother of one  said that despite Eric’s immense focus on the rights and well being of Kenyans, he also finds time for her and their young daughter, something that makes her love him dearly.

“Ni goals zake ni dreams zake kuna kitu anachase after… But he is always there for me. Because how did I get here?” Lynne said in the interview.

In her youtube channel on January 11th, she addressed her 19-year age gap with Eric. She said that they are more than friends. More like best friends.

I believe that love is love, haina limit, haina gender, age, love is love, if you love someone date tu, it doesn’t mean it won’t work out if there is an age gap. I can say Eric and I are more of friends, more of besties, hiyo ndio imefanya tufike tuu saa hii. We are equal, supporting each other.” she said.

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