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An 80-year-old Tanzanian woman has shocked many after finding companionship and love in her youthful Boda Boda Rider, George, who is only 24 years old.

This unique love story unfolded after Catherine left a huge amount of money in Goerge’s Boda Boda.

Catherine who has 5 children , the first born being 43 years old and the last born 35 years old was grappling with loneliness after her husband died and this young man melted her heart when he returned the money, she had left in his Boda Boda 3 months after she returned from her trip.

“I needed to feel loved” Catherine said.

The young man used to carry Catherine to her businesses everyday until one fateful day she left 6million Tanzanian shillings in the Boda Boda and when she returned it the next day, she couldn’t find her.

Three months later after Catherine came back , she asked him to be His boyfriend which he accepted. He loves her dearly.

“When I returned, he brought back the money, which is how he won my heart,” she said.

This love story hasn’t been received well by the society as many don’t approve of it. Others think that George is just there for money and is only waiting for the woman to die but he says he doesn’t care as long as they are happy.

Catherine’s children were having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that their mother was dating someone younger than them but with time they are accepting it George’s sister Mary recounts that she was heartbroken at first because she just couldn’t see how dating someone with a 50-year age difference wasn’t madness.

Love narratives similar to these have been on the rise recently and seem to be working as the famous Kenyan Gospel artist Guardian Angel has also been in a long-term relationship with his Fiancée Esther Musila who is 52. They tied the knot in a vibrant wedding ceremony in 2021 and have been together since then.

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