‘Mi Amor’ singer Jovial and her boyfriend Mike have sparked break rumours.

This is after fans noticed that the songbird unfollowed Mike on Instagram and deleted all their couple pictures.

Before Jovial, Mike  dated famous podcaster Lydia KM of the TMI podcast. It is not clear why Mike  and Lydia went separate ways.

Lydia has since then has dealt with the breakup quite well and has moved on with her life. She currently shares daily affirmations on her page and is yet to reveal though if she is seeing someone.

Fans are buzzing about why Jovial and Mike decided to unfollow each other especially after sharing their relationship on social media and  their engagement as well. They even have YouTube videos together where they narrated how they met and how their love grew.

Jovial was cautioned by netizens after introducing Mike to the public. According to them he had a bad reputation of dating married women but she dismissed the claims. She has also been criticized for allegedly “stealing” another woman’s boyfriend who in this case was Lydia.

Fans are comparing the previous relationship between Mike and Lydia wondering if it has anything to do with Jovial and Mike’s current situation.

Others also think they could be clout chasing and she is about to release a new song.

One @rebe-el8 advised  that, “TMI,Lydia has got therapists contacts posted on her page” with laughing emojis.

Another@ evahemsqueen on instagram commented: Good thing daily affirmations and therapists contacts are available on Lydia’s page yes Jovial don worry inbetweeners knew it was short-lived.

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