Comedian and content creator Erastus Ayieko alias Flaqo Raz has left many wondering whether he is still in a relationship with his girlfriend of 3 Years Winnie Keranta after responding wittily to a question by a fan.

Flaqo’s Cryptic Response About Relationship with Keranta Leaves Fans Guessing.

On his Instagram stories , the comedian put up a question tag and one follower asked him” Do you have a girlfriend?”. He left many confused after playfully responding with a video of himself  laughing  and captioning it, “God is good.”

This comes only  few days after Actress Trisha Khalid came out to refute claims of her having an affair with the comedian.

Flaqo and Trisha have been creating content together for a while now and fans couldn’t help but notice their chemistry leading to rumours of them dating each other.

In an interview with Ankali Ray  though, Trisha confirmed to the public that he has a man and that her and Flaqo are only just good friends who are creating content together.

“Flaqo and I are just good friends and we are shooting content. Nothing else. Hakuna chocolate. Alafu nikuulize, sasa mtu yeyote ata luwa ana shoot content …ama what do you mean” she clarrified.

In another event, Another rather concerned follower asked Flaqo where his girlfriend usually is whenever they are creating content with Trisha and he answered that his girlfriend is Unproblematic.

Break up? Keranta and Flaqo signal Trouble in Paradise.

While some think that this is just a prank others believe that they are truly broken up as they noticed that Keranta had deleted all their pictures together with his boyfriend on her Instagram page.

The couple has  however yet spoken publicly about the rumours going round. They have always kept their relationship under wraps and only coming out to publicly their relationship last year during their third anniversary.

Flaqo  is known for constantly  showering his girlfriend with gifts. He gifted his lover Keranta  a beautiful Nissan Note worth Ksh650,000 for her 22nd birthday.

Before the birthday surprise, Flaqo had gifted his girlfriend a trip to Dubai and Ksh50,000.The beauty also revealed a while back that her boyfriend gives her a monthly allowance of ksh 60,000-100,000 to cater for daily expenses.



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