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Cross dressing is becoming a common norm among Kenyan content creators although many Kenyans are yet to come to terms with the idea.

A number of male Kenyans who have  jumped in to the trend have been widely associated with LGBTQ community, individuals known to be sexually attracted to persons of their gender.

Those who are not for the cross dressing idea argue that the African culture and norms don’t allow that.

“Nguo za wanaume ni za wanaume na nguo za wanawake ni za wanawake,” one said.

The harsh criticism has however not deterred them from embracing the culture, that is also making them money, by landing them endorsement with brands.

 Crossdressers are also determined to express themselves differently though fashion and art and several of them have gained popularity in Kenya, gaining massive following on social media.

Here is a list of top cross-dressers in Kenya

1. Kelvin Kinuthia

Through his cross dressing Kinuthia has earned a massive following online that has earned him various partnership with women cloth lines. Due to this many seem not to quiet tell if he male or female others claim he looks better than females out here. He not only dresses as a woman but also makes his nails and fancy make up .


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2.Denis Karuri

He came to the limelight as a professional makeup artist he has since captured the attention of many due to his classy looks on social media. He often shares photos and videos of himself in makeup and feminine attires, giving women a run for their money.

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3. Dennis Karuri

He is another make up artist who is no shy of embracing who he is. He however disappeared online for some time and when he resurfaced, he revealed that he was now a father.

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4.Peter Nyo’ngo

Lupita’s brother remains the most controversial cross dresser as many of his looks normally create online buzz e.g when he did a photoshoot wearing a red thong.


William Austin Chimano a member of the boy band sauti sol has a very unique fashion sense that has landed him into scandals .Chimano who is never shy from exploring fashion seems to be discovering new ideas as days go by amidst all the backlash he gets online.


Flaqo is a Kenyan comedian who captured hearts with his funny family skits. In the different roles he portrays he is forced to dress as the character would have

7.Crazy Kennar

Just like Flaqo, Crazy Kennar also wears women’s clothes for comedy purposes

8. Johny Hairdesigner

The make up artist and hair stylist. is official known as John Mungai. He has previously worked for K24, Kameme TV, and Maisha Magic East. In a past interview, he revealed why he embraced cross dressing.

“It’s been two years since I started dressing up as a female. I like- or prefer- dressing up and making content dressed like that because that is where the money is in the stylist, content creator, and influencer world. There are brands which opted to work with me, especially for dressing up as female. I do have brands that are working with me. I’ve worked with Mac Cosmetics, Maybelline and they all love the personality and the character that I created when I dress up as a female,” he said in December 2022.


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