Content creator Cera Imani also known as Ms Waithera has revealed how prayers led her into the arms of her ideal love partner car enthusiast  and businessman Joseph Kairu alias Khalif Kairo.

Cera Imani who has been in the middle of an online buzz since Kairo introduced her as his girlfriend, said that she employed faith and prayers to secure love. In an interview, she reveled that she wasn’t actively looking for love until Kairo came her way.

“I just prayed about it. I stopped actively looking for someone and just trusted God to provide the right person to come my way. And that’s when we came together with Kairo.”

She aslo revealed that the reason they have been able to manouver through the numerous online critism has been through prayers noting that their relationship is strictly christian based.

“It is a very christain staunch kind of relationship and that’s how we are able to overcome a lot of challenges that come our way.” Cera revealed.

When asked about her advise to single ladies, Cera said that they should pray and not only look pretty insisting that only prayers can lead them into the right relationships.


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” When you pray in the spirit, God reveals in the spirit and you get to understand. Kinacho toka kwa Mungu hakina mabishano ama uncertainity. If you pray in the spirituality God is able define things openely but if you pray carnally the devil confuses your dreams and prayers.” Cera said.

For the past few weeks the couple has been the talk of town after the car enthusiast introduced her to the public prompting netizens to dig into her past.

This however has not stopped the couple this even as the car enthusiast revealed his plans of marrying Cera amdist the many online trolls they were getting.

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