Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has resolved to begin afresh after failing to secure his previous social media accounts from Chingi Boy, his immediate former manager.

In an official communication shared on the new platforms, the artists warned that any activities linked to him on the old social media accounts are impersonation.

“It is with regret that I must address the issue of  of mismanagement and unforeseen circumstances surrounding our previous social media accounts. Due to these unavoidable circumstances, I hereby announce the launch of our new official communication channels,” the rapper stated.

“Please note that any social media accounts bearing the names Stivo Simple Boy or Stevo Simple Boy8 are no longer in my control. Any activity on those platforms claiming to be represent me is impersonation and will be dealt with according to the law,” he further saidd.

The statement further revealed that the artists is working to streamline operations with music distributors such as Apple Music, Spotify among others.

In a video, Stevo further opened up about his situation revealing that  he is not under any management currently.

“There is somebody who is withholding my accounts. I have tried following up the matter but it has become impossible. However, now I have new accounts and I am requesting for your support so that the new accounts can get a huge following.

“Too much of Poisonous Is something,” Stevo added saying that he is not under any management currently. “I am managing myself, my fans support me for things to go well he further pleaded.

His new Instagram account currently stands at 11k followers while the old one had attained 196,000 followers. His old YouTube account also had 152,000 subscribers.

To release the accounts, Chingi Boy had demanded for Kshs150,000, saying that it is the amount of money he used to buy them from Stevo’s former management Men In Business.

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