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Kenyan content creator Thee Pluto has unlike other celebrities come to Pastor Kanyari’s defense amidst his viral controversial video of him receiving condoms in his church.

He said that he doesn’t understand why people are out here criticizing  Kanyari because he received the weird gifts.

” I really don’t understand why everyone is criticizing Kanyari because he received those wierd gifts in his church.” he began.

Pluto also added that he did not ask for them but they were brought to him instead.

”He didn’t ask for them. They were brought.”

He finished his statement by saying that there are worse pastors out there so people should stay vigilant.

” I’m not saying what he is doing is good or bad but maaaaahn.. there are others who are worse. Be woke.”

Kenyans on the comment section did not support Pluto in what he said. They said that he was clout chasing and he would not understand Christian matters as he is a Muslim.

Kenyan celebrities recently called Kanyari out for mocking Christianity and asserted the need to respect God more.

Other netizens called him out for receiving such gifts in church, stating that it is a disgrace to other real men of God and that he is misleading his congregation.

They called out to Ezekiel Mutua for his immediate ban from media platforms due to his inappropriate content

The CEO of Kenya Film Classification board, Dr Ezekiel Mutua, also condemned his actions and promised to ban and arrest the pastor.

A different group of Kenyans requested that Faith Peters, the tiktoker who gave Kanyari those indecent gifts, receive the same condemnation as it did for Kanyari.

In an interview with Trudy Kitui, Faith said that she does not reget giving Kanyari the controversial gifts

When asked if she thinks that she tarnished Kanyari’s name, she argued that his name was already tarnished before she was born.

”No! She denied and then continued, mimi Kanyari nikizaliwa nilipata jina yake imeharibika,hata wewe,Kanyari ni mtu wa enzi za baba zetu. Mimi nilipata kama jina yake iliharibika kitambo na 310, sasa hyo pia ni mimi nilimharibia? Was I born then?”

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