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A few days ago, social media was a wash with rumours that all might not be well between YouTuber Thee Pluto and his daughter’s mother Felicity Shiru.

This is because Thee Pluto failed to celebrate Felicity on Valentines Day, with Felicity going on a solo photoshoot. Thee Pluto was also away on a trip to foreign countries during the Christmas holiday, although he converted to Muslim, leaving Felicity and their daughter alone.

Thee Pluto has also refrained form sharing their photos together or doing content with her for quite some time, further fuelling the break up speculations.

The YouTuber, known for his famous loyalty tests, has however come out to address that in a question and Answer Session with his fans on Instagram.

“Wanasemaje huko nje?” he posed the question and one of the fans fan told him that, ” Aty haukupost Fel Valentines day.”

Responding to the question, the father of two shared a video of Felicity driving and said that she wasn’t complaining about that.

“But nyinyi ndio mnacomplain sio yeye,” he said.

Another fan brought up the break up question, saying that they were currently just co-parenting.

“Social media inatakanga uishi maisha yako kufurahisha watu yaani ufanye chenye wanataka. Nilitoka hapo,” he responded.

“Acheni Kuforce issues,” he further told another fan who came up with a similar question.

Another Instagram user told him that she/he heard that Thee Pluto got tired of Felicity.

“Mimi niliskia ati Fel ooh siujui Fel doesn’t retaliate  so ukachoka. Weeh naelewa but ni ukweli? People can talk eei,” the Instagram user said.

“Ati this point hata nashangaa kwani Thee Pluto tuko wangapi?  Kuna maudaku nafaa kuwa nauliza mara nyingi sana,” Thee Pluto responded.


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