Kabi WaJesus and Milly Wa Jesus have finally introduced their daughter princess to their online community.

They also revealed her real name saying she is called Tsuri Wajesus.

The reveal was done by the couple engaging in a challenge where Milly was to complete the puzzle of their family portrait.

Having completed the puzzle, the couple then introduced Tsuri’s face on a billboard.

Earlier in the video, Kabi was however worried about taking the step, because of the hatred they have experienced online in the last couple of years.

“We have gone through so many scrutinizes like people come out and tell lies about us. They say things that you don’t want to believe. Honestly I don’t think I am ready to reveal my daughter to such a world. When we were doing for Taji it was so simple because we never knew what hatred is online, all we had was love for the Wajesus family, we were just sharing our life.

“Right now for our daughter…I don’t want anyone to come out and say the things they say about us to her. I don’t want all the lies that have been said against us to be said on our children,” Kabi said as he broke into tears.


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