Ya levis

Congelese musician Ya levis  arrived in Nairobi, Kenya ahead of his much anticipated  performance at Raha fest.

Prince Nemala aka Ya Levi’s arrived at Jomo Kenyatta international airport on Thursday night and was received by the Raha fest organizers and radio Africa group who are the media partners of the event.

The katchua hit maker, known for his smooth ndombolo and African rhumba ballads, is set to perform at the festival that will be held at Uhuru gardens on March 30 and 31. He is set to perform at he second day of the event.

In a video, which he posted on his Instagram page, he opened up on how he is excited to meet the Kenyan ladies, adding that he is so ready for the concert

“ Going to Nairobi Kenya and coming, can’t wait to meet the beautiful women of Kenya,” he said

Ya Levis is  set to share  the stage with  artists such as David, Musa Keys, King Promise and Ben soul.

Other artists that will grace the event include; Mejja, Otile brown, Nviiri the storyteller, Nadia Mukami, SanaIpei,Samidoh, Femi one, JB Mpiana and h_artthe band. The main headliner will be Davido.

Raha Fest is a vibrant convergence of joy, music and culture striving to unite people from backgrounds, fostering connections and shared passions. The Raha Fest line up ensures an eclectic and unforgettable celebration of African music and culture.

The line up blends Kenyan talent with renowned African artists creating a diverse musical fabric that reflects the richness of the continent’s artistic reflection.

Raha Fest is a celebration that transcends the traditional boundaries of music; it is a canvas where creativity knows no limits, inviting artists and fashion designers from across the continent to weave their unique narratives into the cultural landscape we are crafting through captivating art installations and exhibits that showcase the diverse African fashion.

For those who wish to attend the event the can get tickets at ticket yetu.

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