Huddah Monroe, a Kenyan socialite, model, and entrepreneur has hinted on a plan to be of service to God by opening a church on her return to Kenya.

The model took to her Instagram page with several posts detailing her plans in two years-time where she will be moving back to Kenya permanently.

“The thought of moving back to Kenya permanently for 2yrs is really eating my ass coz I sold my car thinking I’ll never live there again. But there’s a God project that needs my ass to be still,” she hinted.

Monroe clarified that she will be jetting back into the country in 2026 and has received the Holy Spirit intervention asking her to open a church. She went ahead to list some music playlist that will be playing in her aspired church.

“For those wondering, I’m moving back in 2026. To open a church. The Holy Spirit called me to it.”

The model asked the prospect Pastors to prepare well as she will be hiring. She added that also the Muslim brothers are welcomed in her church.

“If you are upcoming pastor, Prophetess I’LL BE HIRING. Hold onto your Bible & study it. Muslims are welcome to Huddah Prosperity Church. A place that gives you peace of Mind. And changes your life from 0-100,” Monroe announced.

The entrepreneur proposed two slogans that she intend to use for her church. They both seek to changing people’s lives and bringing them close to God.

“‘Transforming Lives.’ Or it can be ‘Bringing the youths back to God & his teachings.’ We shall brainstorm,” she said.

However, Huddah Monroe expressed her worries on the commuting services here back in the country. She fears that moving from one place to another will be challenging to her.

“Na vile hizo Uber ni Mwitu! Uber also needs to upgrade – if it’s XL Black- bring even prado we will pay!!! Iko nini. You order XL it brings Toyota Passo the way I cancel na mauchungu,” she shared.

Moreover, the boss  chick prefers to be driven in an expensive car than driving herself and she can as well work in traffic saving more.

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