Kamene Goro

Popular Media personality Kamene Goro has shocked netizens after a video of her washing Omena with soap and disinfectant emerged online.

It is not clear when the video was recorded but her husband, DJ Bonez and Oga Obinna were present and they were equally shocked.

Obinna could not fathom how Kamene Goro would wash food in that manner.

“You are using soap for what?” he posed, adding that,” Maji moto umeeka disinfectant umeeka sabuni.”

“To wash the omenas. We want to clean them, after this we will rinse so everything is safe,” Kamene responded.


The video has since gone viral and netizens are bashing her for taking things too far.

Below are reactions to the video.

“Joke taken too far … Wash food (omena) with soap/detergent? Not a mental case? Is this the only way Kamene Goro would secure public attention? Is the same lady who was in the media? Sad!”

“Kamene Goro washing Omena with hot water, soap and disinfectant before cooking. A few year ago she said she does not know how to cook ugali. Dear boychild. Never marry such a woman.”

“After watching Kamene Goro shamelessly washing Omena with soap and disinfectant, I can confidently say that ukitaka bibi mzuri, enda ile location iko nyuma ya ID.”

“Don’t even be shocked that Kamene Goro and Her Omena may be a well schemed Plan by the government to divert our attention from the #FinanceBill2023 these guys can do anything to make people forget about the punitive taxes.”

“Pauline and Mackenzie aside, I have watched that video where Kamene Goro is washing Omena with hot water, soap and disinfectant with mixed feelings! Where are we heading as a country? Let’s give Omena the Respect it deserves!”

“Kamene Goro washing Omena with soap & disinfectant before cooking them for her husband is one of the reasons you should all pay attention when we tell you about red flags. This one should be returned to her parents immediately or else that man will die a slow agonising death.”



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