Bwire Ndubi, who plays the role of Dida in the popular TV series Sultana is celebrating the growth of her hair.

Taking to her social media channels, Bwire said that she was left bald after undergoing cancer treatment 4 months ago.

“Hold up for a minute, I mean can we celebrate my hair. Four months ago I was bald from chemo treatment and now look at me. Niambie hakuna Mungu nikugonge, I am blessed, I am loved I am a child of God, his grace continues to be sufficient,” Dida said.

@bwirendubi Hold up for a minute!!!!! I MEAN !!! can we celebrate my hair. 4 Months the ago I was 💯 Bald from the chemo treatments and now look at me. Niambie Hakuna Mungu nikugonge. I’m blessed, I am loved, I am a child of God. His grace continues to be sufficient. #cancerwarrior 🥰 #cancerdoesntscaremeanymore #bwirendubi #BNWF ♬ original sound – #DidaSultanaCtznTv

In October last year, as the world marked the cancer awareness month, Dida revealed that she was about to conclude her treatment.

The talented actress and singer is said to have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2022. In an interview with Cheptoek Boyo, she said that her illness started with pain in her armpits during her monthly periods.

“I knew when it was too late. I noticed the things we are taught to look out for are not always there. I did not have those signs. I just started having pain under my armpit when my menses came. My first month I ignored it because the swelling disappeared after my menses ended. The next month the swelling came back during my menses. I went to the doctor and they found nothing wrong.

“I did not have pus or blood. I would have continued living my life ikuje iniue. I have always had hard bumps on my breasts since I was 13. 2 in one breast and 2 on the other.The third month the pain was consistent. I went to the doctor and he said nothing was wrong but my mum asked us to go to another doctor. The sonographer was my dad’s friend, he saw nothing the first time.He suggested we do a CT scan which showed nothing was wrong. He suggested we do a biopsy and it came out positive. He saved me because he kept pushing me. It was at stage four,” Dida narrated



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