Flamboyant politician and businessman Steve Mbogo is believed to be Pierra Makena’s baby daddy.

He is married to Sabrina Jamal and they were blessed with two daughters as of  2020.

Ankali Ray caught up with him and questioned him the real number of his children.

“Wanaojulikana ama wasiojulikana. Mimi ni real Bantu. Target yangu nataka watoto 10. Sahizi nimefikisha watano,” he said,

Mbogo was however reluctant to reveal whether his children are from the same mother.

“We will talk about that  another day,” he said.

At the same time, he denied claims of being a deadbeat dad.

“Those are normal things, I haven’t heard of them but I have heard people saying but I know myself and Kenyans know me. I don’t think you have ever seen me exchange words with people in my life. I am above that,” he made it clear, prompting Ankali to question him if he shared a daughter with Pierra.

“Mhesh nikuulize, ukweli mna mtoto na yule DJ?” the journalist posed.

Mbogo noted that he has many children, some of who he is not aware of.

“Nimekuambia mimi ni baba wa wengi na nataka wengine tano. I am a Muslim and I am allowed to have four wives, therefore I have an opportunity to get many others. Many of those we are raising are ours and others are of relatives and even friends. We are town youths and we may have many others that we don’t know are ours,” he said.

A few months ago, Pierra revealed that she had forgotten about her baby daddy, because he is not involved in their child’s life. The popular female DJ said that she would not force a man to look after his own flesh and blood.

In a separate interview, she revealed that her baby daddy broke up with her when she was five months pregnant and went ahead to marry another woman.

However, a recent conversation with her daughter indicated that the man in question was now involved in their daughter’s life, as he was even sending her money without the DJ’s knowledge.

“Yes, he gave me 50k and he will still give me another. He gave it to me when I was going to buy the bike,” the 7-year old revealed during a question and answer session with her mother.

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