Popular comedy drama series  produced by Kenyan comedian Eddie Butita “A Nurse Toto” has left fans eagerly awaiting news on its third season.

The YouTube series blends satire, drama and humor in a hospital setting including nurses, doctors, receptionist, cleaner and  patients.

Some of the actors in the popular series includes Ciku Muchiri, Anne Stellah, Maryam Okoth, Kevin Omwani and Fao Shishi.

Eddie Butita, the executive producer of the show, addressed the anticipation.

“After every show, we go back, strategize, and see if there is need to come back or not we might decide” Butita said.”But it’s too early to say that.

His statement suggests that while there is no clear answer about the third season, the possibility remains open and that the viewers should expect anything.

“Anything can happen, be ready for anything,” he added, leaving the fans in suspense.

When asked about the most challenging aspects of the show, “Nurse Toto,” he explained that the show’s rapid growth and the ever increasing demand.

“The show grew bigger and it had a lot of demand and a lot of people were involved. Movie parts zilikuwa mingi,” he said.

Despite these challenges, Butita shared his most fulfilling moments working on the series.

“Hitting over a half a million views every week it has never happened in history,” he proudly stated. “Haijawahi fanyika kwa historia.”

This success is a testament to the show’s widely spread popularity and the dedication of its team.

Talking on the series great success, Butita attributed it to hard work and perseverance in the industry.

“Niliwork tu hard kwa hii industry alafu vitu zangu zikaanza kuwork at the same time,” he said, emphasizing the importance of consistent effort and passion in achieving success.

Many fans remain in a dilemma about the future of ” A Nurse Toto,” since the third season’s fate remains uncertain, the impact of the show is undeniable. This is mostly evident with the high number of views the series gained.


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