Dagoretti North MP, Beatrice Elachi, has sparked online debate following her commentary on the nightlife scene in Kilimani, Nairobi. In a recent television interview, Elachi expressed her dismay at the moral standards and behaviours of Kenyan youth, particularly university students, whom she encounters during her nightly walks in the area.

“Nowadays I have decided to become a police officer. I walk around, and I find young people all over. How they are dressed, we have decided that is our value. I don’t know what is happening with our country. We have decided to become Sodom and Gomorrah, and we don’t care,” Elachi lamented.

Elachi recounted her observations of university students dressed indecently in clubs at Dagoretti North, expressing sympathy for their parents. She highlighted the concerning trend of students engaging in sexual activities with foreigners for monetary gain, regardless of the consequences.

“These young girls go to these clubs because they will get foreigners who will give them dollars if they engage in sexual activities with them. And this guy doesn’t care, just moves with the girl here, finishes, moves there. They don’t care. It’s done in the car, it’s done all over, and it’s in the morning,” Elachi revealed with concern.

Expressing sadness over the state of young Kenyan girls, Elachi raised the issue of the prevalence of such activities in bars, jokingly remarking that Kenya seemingly doesn’t need brothels due to the abundance of such behaviour in bars.

Elachi’s remarks prompted a wave of reactions from netizens, reflecting a spectrum of opinions on the matter.

“@deejayroq commented: create employment opportunities and you will have reason to complain. @empress-lynne said: whether legal or illegal, we have to make money. @sweet-n-chill99 commented: as a young youth… I feel so sad for my generation.”

The MP’s concerns shed light on the complexities of societal values and behaviours, sparking a necessary dialogue on the state of youth culture and the challenges facing the nation.

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