size 8

Size 8 has disagreed with Bahati’s move of ditching gospel music and ministry for secular.

Speaking to the Oga Obinna, the mother of two detailed the great part that Bhati played in her salvation and motherhood journey.

According to her, Bahti foresaw the struggle that she would go through in trying to set up a family.

“3-4 monthst into our marriage, Bahati calls me and tells me that the devil is after your marriage and Mo and one route anaenda kutumia ni miscarriage. Bahati was a serious prayer warrior. Bahati  bwana ya Diana. The person who taught me how to pray after I had gotten saved was Bahati. Bahati angechapa 6 hours, 8 hours kwa maombi. Where do you think his favour came from?” Size 8 said.

“Saa hizi sijui(if he still prays) but this young man inspired me so much in one way and that is why I don’t agree with Bahati’s music because played a huge role for me to have children. God used him,  I call him a prophet. He is a prophet. Bahati is not just an ordinary man. He is a servant of the Most High,” she added.

She further said that Bahati advised her to pray throughly and she took his word seriously.

“I used to sit on the floor of my sitting room and hold my tummy and pray in tongues.

During her first pregnancy, she nearly had a miscarriage at 2 months.

“Nilivalishwa machine ya pressure nilikuwa natembea nayo 24 hours. Ikibeep  nakaa chini to preserve the pregnancy. That is why I really respect Bahati and I don’t believe in what he is doing now because he is a true servant of God,” she affirmed.

After her having her firstborn Wambo, she got pregnant but suffered extreme preeclampsia and high blood pressure leading to a miscarriage. The unfortunate nearly saw her marriage fall apart.

Then came the third pregnancy which was her son’s Junior.

“That was the worst pregnancy I have ever carried. Hio nilikuwa naparalyse hii side yote. Nalala kwa kitanda, naoshwa kama nimekaa kwa kiti. I gave my gyna stress na hio mimba. Nilikuwa namwona after every one week ikakuja ikakuwa after every two days to a point nikakuwa namwona on a daily basis. Unapata mate inatoka, makamasi inatoka, machozi at the same time and then I can’t talk,” she shared.

Size 8 delivered her son prematurely at 7 and a half months. At the time, the baby had stopped playing in her womb which had become flaccid.

“Kufika hospitali, Junior was dying, I was dying. Daktari akaniweka magnesium na oxygen. I couldn’t go to surgery immediately because both of us were not okay,” she recalled.

After the troublesome pregnancy, Size 8 conceived again but lost the pregnancy at five 5 months. Her fourth child died in her womb three days earlier before it was discovered by her doctor.

“The pregnancy was not as bad as Junior’s. I though were smooth-sailing. So towards the fourth month ikianza ndio ikaanza kuleta noma,” she said, adding that she wanted to have three children of her own.

Following the experiences, the doctors advised her not to get pregnant again because it is risky for her.

Since she can’t conceive again, she however plans to go for adoption, but she already has an adopted daughter that she has been staying with for about 2-3 years.

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