In the recent episode of Obinna Show Live, the comedian got to host gospel singer and preacher Size 8.

During the interview, Obinna used the opportunity to remind Size 8 how their photo brought him trouble in his marriage then.

Obinna carried Size 8 in his car, after an interview while he was working at Nation Media Group. They took a photo together and he shared it on Facebook, a move that angered his lover, who suspected that he was cheating with Size 8.

“We uliniharibia ndoa. Sikuenda kukula huko nje, si ni wewe nilibeba. Ukakuja interview, you had very long red hair. Tukakuinterview of course mimi ni comedian najiita Obinna the Joker. Nikakubeba tukapiga picha  nikapost Facebook, nikarudi  Umoja kwa nyumba. Wacha niwakishwe na gear five.Nimekaa hivi, nimeweka TV, nikaona mtu anapita mara saba. Nikashindwa ni nini,” the father of four recounted.

His lover then confronted him over the picture with Size 8. Obinna however did not take the confrontation seriously and decided to ignore it. His lover was however not letting him off the hook and caused trouble throughout the night.

“Nikasema seriously, Size 8 hata hayuko kwa level kwa level yangu, hata nitaanza kumwomba aje. That was one of the longest night I have ever had because ya kukubeba Size 8,” Obinna added.

Size 8 however used the opportunity to give Obina a piece of her mind.

“Ni poa umeleta hio story. Hakuna mwanamke anaezajkushuku kama hujawahi mpea reason ya kukushuku. Ulikuwa unakula nje akaona hio ni tabia yako. Ulikuwa na tabia ya kukula wasichana nje. I was innocently taking a ride in your car, there was nothing between us but the wife of your  time, why was she aroused with jealous because wewe ulikuwa ushamnyanyasa na other women,” Size 8 said leaving Obinna scratching his head, hoping that she would stop.

Size 8 however proceeded saying,” You had tormented  her mind with other spouses that are not your spouse that you were eating.”

Obinna was left in shock as she went ahead to urge fellow women to confirm if what she was saying was true.

“Hakuna mwanamke anaamkanga tu asubuhi ako na mapepo zake  aanze tu kuaccuse  mtu. It must be a pattern umemuonyesha. Hata kama hio siku aliipata wrong, mimi nilielewa huyo mama, hawezikuwa alinichukua wrong  kama Obinna hajakuwa akichimba kule hafai kuchimba ” the mother of two said.

Size 8 went ahead to advise men not to behave like Obinna so that they don’t cause trouble in their marriage.

“Halafu Obinna ju anajua ako innocent hakuna kitu alifanya na mama Wambo anajitetea, yes you were innocent with Mama Wambo, what about others?” she posed.

Obinna maintained that Size 8 was just a threat because before that, his partner had never behaved like that, whereby she destroyed everything in the house.

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