Karen Nyamu has said that she has no special ways of dealing with her negative trends online.

The nominated senator was asked about how she handles  trending online often  in a recent interview  and she revealed that she sometimes get surprised when she is trending, because it is always not her plan.

“ I don’t handle it I just live my life and just like Diana has said saa ingine unatrend uko number one trending unajua baadae,”she responded.

At the same time, the mother of three was questioned about Samidoh’s recent encounter with Edday, his estranged wife, in US. Samidoh is said to be on a tour to US, after a photo of him and Bernice Saroni emerged.

Karen stated that she is not jealous that her baby daddy is out of the country to see see his other family

“ Hapana siwezi kuwa na wivu hata kidogo ,” She said, adding that the important thing is peace and raising the kids.

Although the controversial senator however played coy in responding to all questions, she revealed that she and Samidoh don’t peek on each other’s phones.

She also shared a message for haters saying; ” Wale Hawanipendi Itawacosti.”

In 2023 Karen Nyamu revealed she had made several attempts to end her relationship with Samidoh due to various reasons, including external pressure and being compassionate towards his first wife, Edday Nderitu.

Even before the public was aware of their affair, Karen had grappled with the decision to part ways with the Mugithi singer. She acknowledged the ethical and moral dilemma she faced, considering the impact of their relationship on others.

“That’s the way it is. Why should I fight it, it’s not that I’ve never tried to fight it because of pressure, and also being a good person, there are times when I would see this situation as not good. How do I feel about someone else? I think it’s wrong,” she said.

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