Renowned media personality Oga Obinna has announced the organization of a men’s mental health awareness walk slated for June 29, 2024, in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

The event, named the MEN MENTAL HEALTH WALK, aims to highlight the often-overlooked issue of men’s mental health and to promote wellness among men in the community.

In his call to action, Obinna reached out to the public and potential partners via social media, he wrote,

“WANAUME MPOOOO?? Are we ready to have a peaceful walk dubbed MEN MENTAL HEALTH WALK on the 29th of June 2024 in NAIROBI CBD.”

To ensure the success of the event, Obinna detailed the various requirements needed, including permits, water, energy drinks, security, media coverage, snacks, and medical support such as doctors, nurses, and ambulances to provide free health check-ups for men on that day.

Additionally, he emphasized the need for a soundtrack, banners, and printed t-shirts to enhance the event’s visibility and impact.

Also, Obinna mentioned the critical reasons for organizing the walk, stating, “Men are hurting; we need help. We need that EQUAL JUSTICE, that FAIR TREATMENT, that friend, confidant, counselor, prayer leader, the government consideration, that father figure. Above all, we need a better society, and it starts with MEN BEING BETTER AND DOING BETTER.”

The call for sponsors and partners reflects the extensive preparation required for such an event. By securing the necessary resources and support, Obinna hopes to create a significant and lasting impact on the community’s perception and approach to men’s mental health.

Organizations and individuals interested should come out in supporting the MEN MENTAL HEALTH WALK . The event promises to be a pivotal step towards fostering a healthier, more supportive environment for men .

In a world where there’s constant and rapid evolution, from technology advancement and other 21st century developments, the male gender overtime has been evolving slower compared to their female counterparts.

This societal imbalance has lead to chaos in the society where men often suffer more of the consequences. Men should come out in large numbers for the event and help spread the news.

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