Content Creator and Tiktoker Sheryl Gabriela  has set the record straight about the ownership status of her newly acquired mansion.

Sheryl taking to her TikTok Live watered down the speculation by her online family about the house she recently acquired.

” We have said yes to the home address. My very own home sweet home.” Her post on Instagram read.

She however watered it all down saying that she did not buy the mansion she posted on her Instagram and is only renting the house saying she currently doesn’t have money to buy a house.

Internet bloggers, by seeing the post, blew the information out of control by stating that she bought the mansion.

Rumors started spreading on TikTok as various online ‘detectives’ found out that the mansion was a rental and she had not bought it as earlier stated.

The content creator then decided to address the rumors online via her TikTok live saying that she had not said that she bought the mansion but rather said that she was a proud home owner.

She however refuted the claims by saying that the mansion is a rental at Ksh 75000 per month.

“Yes I am renting the house, sahi sina mamilioni za kununua nyumba. But its a big milestone I mean paying Ksh 75000 per month is not a joke.” she said on the live.

Sheryl said that she only posted a picture and thanked God for the new home adding that she went along with the congratulatory messages she got.

She also said that the company advertises the mansions a lot on Tiktok and that is how she found out about them.

She said that with their popularity it was only a matter of time before people knew that she was renting.

” Me I knew that you will find that video  because it is literally everywhere. That is how I found the house. So I knew you guys will find out it is a rental sooner or later.” She said

After people asked her why she did not just save and buy a land, she shared a video on her Instagram stories with a picture captioning the question she was asked.

The caption was a comment on a tiktok page saying, ” Sheryl hiyo akili apana. why pay 75k rent, that money ungesave ata ujenge kwako ama wazazi not unless they are very comfortable where they are.”

She answered with a video of an on going construction and said on it.

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