Jamaican Dancehall Sensation Shenseea has clarified the circumstances leading to the cancellation of her Kenyan concert last year.

This is after one of her Kenyans fans complained about being kept waiting for long despite purchasing the ticket.

“We paid for your concert in Kenya and till date we have never seen you seen you,” the disappointed fan told her.

Shenseea, expressing her eagerness to perform in Kenya, disclosed that she received information regarding security concerns, leading to the unavoidable postponement of the event.

In a gesture of professionalism and understanding, she also shared that she chose to refund the deposit for the performance rather than retain it in the absence of a rescheduled date.

“So, I had a booking for Kenya, and due to safety concerns that were brought to my attention, I was advised to reschedule. I decided to refund my deposit instead of holding onto it without a confirmed date being set,” she stated.

Shenseea’s concert was initially slated for August 26th then rescheduled to a later date in October. It would then be rescheduled again for a later date that was never confirmed leaving fans in a limbo.

The Sababisha festival, originally planned for an age-restricted audience of 21 years and older, offered tickets at Sh3,000 for regular admission and Sh8,000 for VIP access.

Fans of Shenseea, eager for her performance in Kenya, expressed disappointment at the news of the concert’s postponement.

On social media, Shenseea had shared her excitement about the upcoming concert, revealing her anticipation for her first visit to Africa and specifically Kenya.

In a tweet from November 2021, she conveyed, ‘Kenya, I see y’all! I’ll be there soon, I promise! The wait will be worth it when I visit.’


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