Renown musician Nazizi took on Instagram to write a long heartfelt message to her late son Jazeel, accompanying an adorable video of them holding hands together with her husband and her firstborn child.

Nazizi, while marking 50 days since since her son passed away, said her world stopped he departed and she will never be the same again.

“How do I keep going without the light of my life? Why should I wake up every morning, just to cry and miss you all day? You loved us so much, and we loved you even more, my precious jazzy. This video captures your spirit in a few seconds. All you ever needed was for us 4 to be together all the time. You brought a new meaning to family.

“My boy life is unbearable without you(broken hearts emojis). Mama loves you so much, and I would do anything to be with you again. I will never be the same, my world stopped when left you me jiji. I miss you my sweet special boy. @jazeeladam forever 3(crying emoji).50 days without my baby,” read her post.

Photo of Nazizi and her son Jazeel Photo| courtesy


A few celebrities took to the comment section to console her;

“oh Jazy you are love and you are loved. We walk this journey together Naz. Love you,” Talia Oyando said.

“Naz my prayers are for you and your family. May you find peace and healing.,” Miss Katiwa wrote while Vanessa Mdee commented, “Sis, im so sorry. Sina cha kusema. Ila MUNGU ALIYE HAI awape Nguvu na Faraja.”

Jazeel passed on after a tragic accident while on vacation  with his parents at  hotel in Dare salaam Tanzania on December 25, 2023.

Recently, Nazizi  took to social media to thank everyone who had stood with her during the tough time including musician Wyre and Tv personality Talia Oyando.

“To everyone who had stood with my family during this painful heartbreaking time, I appreciate you. May God bless you and protect those who you love. Wish I could thank each one of you individually,” she said.



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