The spotlight has once again shifted to the world of Kenyan entertainer Carol Sonnie. The mother of one and the Ex girlfriend to comedian Mulamuah has seemingly introduced her boyfriend to the public after a bitter breakup.

A recent social media update has ignited a flurry of speculation and raised eyebrows as the celebrated figure appeared to introduce a new chapter in her romantic journey.

In a video with a love song at the background, carol is seen using her phone while on the bed and the alleged boyfriend coming over with two printed papers for her to choose.

One of the papers was written ‘a second born’ and the other ‘iphone 15PM.’ Carol chooses the second born printed paper but the boyfriend seems not to want her to choose that so carol chooses the other one which is an iPhone15 printed on it.

They then go to an iPhone shop with the and he gets the iPhone for carol. She is elated and even teases the boyfriend referring to him as ” bae” and telling him that people were asking when their wedding will take place.

“Karibu nichome,” the mother of one captioned the video.

The mother of one has for the first time introduced her boyfriend after partying ways with Mulamwah who has since moved on with his initially ” bestie” and they even recently welcomed a baby boy who they named Kalamwah.

Carol has in the recent past caught making harsh comments about her baby daddy’s relationship with his new girlfriend and at one point on her YouTube channel she said that the world will stop when he introduces his boyfriend.

” Mpoa wangu anakuanga Tu hapa each and every time ni venue Tu hataki kuonekana Kwa camera but let me tell you, the day I will decide to introduce my mood, mmmh dunia itasimama. Wacha venye mnasema hapa ruracio sijui nini nini. Yeti itasimamisha dunia.” Carol harshly said.

The short light skinned man has already been identified by Netizens as John Dell is an iPhone seller at a shop in town. People believe that this is only a stunt and they are just trying to advertise the shop.

Netizens have even gone out to produce videos of the man selling the phones on TikTok and is hard at work. They have even provided his social media pages for referral.

One @kaicenatuxk commented: this is scripted acheni ufala mbona chali staki 2nd born??? Uyu jamaa ni mwenye iyo Duka most likely.
@socialites_ gallery wrote:hii n advert

Another @wendy_ khamete commented: Ni advert. Huyu jamaa namjuwa na aki na watoi . Yete huuza electronics na iPhone Tao.
@ boy_pakistan said: They are advertising that iPhone shop. Hiyo jamaa huzaa iPhone hapo jamia namjua

Others though expressing that they are genuinely happy for her if it’s true and that atleast she has finally moved on.


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