In the recent days, rumours have been swirling around on social media that renown singer and actress Sanaipei Tande is expecting a child, but she has decided to keep the information under wraps.

The rumours emanated from X  with many users being left in disbelief.

In an interview with Lynne Ngugi, the the celebrated songbird who will be turning 41 later this year said that since joining the industry over 20 years ago, she has learnt that  people on social media like creating fake stories.

“When I was 19, when I first came into the industry, I thought everything was black and white but then I learnt from being behind the scenes, that that oh my goodness, people just really create their own stuff. They can fabricate a whole story. So back then there was a lot of fear. I thought everything was black and white. Then I come and figured out that people just create stories, or try and get you in a picture, in a compromising situation and then they blow up the whole thing,” she said.

During her first years in the limelight, Sanaipei said that she used to care so much about what people say or think and that affected her.

“Then I grew and then i understood that there is black, white and grey. That there are crazy people in this world would do anything to push a story,” she went on, adding that she is no longer affected.

“As recently as last week when I was impregnated by Twitter (now X).  What is that? Just a random chick decided to wake up and say Sanaipei is expecting. And then her body. That’s what she said. Everybody’s picked up on it and asking me is it true, is it not. I don’t know why after 20 years people have not learn that I will not share my personal information. So even as they ask me, you are talking to a rock. I am not going to respond. And it’s died off. I mean it was last week, now there is something else. You move on, as long as you know deep down in your heart that this is not your truth, it shouldn’t bother you,” she further said.


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