Moya David, Kenya’s most popular TikToker with a massive 4.7 million followers, recently faced a setback when his TikTok account got unexpectedly banned. Breaking his silence on the matter, Moya expressed confusion over the ban but assured his fans that his team was actively working to restore the account.

In a turn of events, Moya’s efforts proved successful, as his TikTok account was reinstated yesterday and is now up and running. The resilient TikToker came back stronger, showcasing the power of perseverance in the face of challenges.

While still puzzled about the ban, Moya David shared his disappointment with TikTok, stating, “I feel disappointed with TikTok because I think there’s a proper way of going around the whole thing.”

He expressed concern about content creators losing faith in the platform, fearing sudden account takedowns without valid reasons.

Emphasizing his adherence to TikTok community guidelines, Moya clarified that his content is clean, rarely going live and only posting on the platform. As the most followed TikToker, he highlighted the impact such actions could have on fellow creators, urging TikTok to adopt a transparent and effective strategy before resorting to drastic measures.

Despite the setback, Moya remained optimistic, ready to start anew and confident in his supportive fanbase. Even without recovering his account, he believed his followers would rally behind him. Addressing any potential detractors, Moya wished them well, emphasizing a lack of animosity.

Recently embroiled in controversy after claiming to own a 9-million G-Wagon in a puzzling interview with Obinna, Moya David faced scrutiny from netizens questioning the validity of his statement. Acknowledging the confusion, he appeared ready to move past the incident.

The choreographer joins the ranks of Kenyan content creators, including Miss Njagi and Thee Pluto, who have experienced TikTok account bans. The challenges posed by sudden suspensions underscore the need for clearer communication and policies within the platform. As Moya David rises from this setback, his journey serves as a testament to resilience.

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