Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua revealed this morning at Safari Park that President William Ruto and First Lady Rachael’s display of affection has landed him in trouble.

This was during their recent four-day state visit to the United States where the president and first lady became the talk of many in social media platforms.

In his speech, Gachagua shared how the sight of the love birds holding hands in the United States of America led to a lot of demands from their spouses back in the country.

“When you were walking there holding the hand of the First Lady, it put us back here under a lot of desperation,” Gachagua confessed the pressure it placed on him from his wife.

“Your Excellency, our spouses, led by mine, Pastor Dorcas, were demanding that we emulate the President and hold their hands wherever they went,” Gachagua continued, drawing laughter and applause from the audience.

He added humorously that his wife’s expectations extended even further. “She went beyond that I had to hold her hand around the house and walk her to the car.”

He revealed that he was not the only one facing this problem. Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, was also caught in the hand-holding situation.

“Unajua Musalia and I call each other ‘Omwami’. Akaniambia, ‘Omwami, hii maneno ya kushikana mikono kwako inaweza leta shida vile imeletwa kwangu?’ Nikamwambia, ‘Musalia, kwangu ndio tabu iko mingi.'”

The deputy President expressed his faith in President Ruto’s ability to address the issue upon his return.

“But I knew you would solve that problem when you come back and this morning you did just that.”

Gachagua narrated how the President addressed the matter upon returning by walking besides him fast while chatting. The pase was too fast for Mama Recho who was behind them to catch up.

The affectionate gestures of President Ruto and First Lady Rachael While in the States have not only warmed the hearts of many  but also tried to shape the interactions between Kenya’s top officials and their spouses to emulating the president himself.

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