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Beware: The Hidden Danger of a Frog in Your Shoes .In a recent social media video shared by Rish Kamunge, a heart-wrenching story unfolded, leaving many in shock and disbelief. Kamunge recounted the tragic loss of her close friend, not due to violence or illness, but because of a seemingly harmless encounter with a frog.

“New fear unlocked, I lost my friend yesterday not because she was beaten to death, not because she was sick, not because of anything that anyone could think one could die of. She died because of an ordinary frog,” Kamunge shared with a heavy heart.

The story began with Kamunge describing her friend’s daily routine, highlighting her love for closed shoes like sneakers and dolly shoes. Despite her friend’s habit of wearing closed shoes, she admitted to never checking inside them before wearing, trusting that they were clean and safe. Little did she know, this simple oversight would lead to a devastating outcome.

The tragic incident occurred when her friend, unaware of the danger lurking within her sneaker, slipped it on without a second thought. To her shock, she felt a sudden bite, discovering a frog hidden inside her shoe. Startled but seemingly unharmed, she brushed off the incident and continued with her day. However, the venom from the frog’s bite had already begun to take its toll.

“My friend akienda job the day before yesterday, alichukua tu sneakers akavaa, kumbe ndani kulikuwa na chura na ikamuuma, so si yeye aligongagonga tu chura na ikakufa, but she never knew she got the infection,” Kamunge recounted, her voice filled with sadness. Despite her friend’s attempts to move past the incident, the consequences would soon become dire.

Later that day, alarming symptoms started to manifest. Her friend’s skin turned a deep navy blue, her heart raced uncontrollably, and her speech became distorted, resembling the croak of a frog. Recognizing the severity of her condition, her colleagues rushed her to the hospital. Sadly, it was too late. The poison had spread too far, and her friend passed away despite their efforts to save her.

“Rest in peace sweetheart, I don’t know whether to cry about the situation but a frog wouldn’t have killed you. I will not blame you, things happen, kifo hukupata anywhere,” Kamunge expressed, mourning her friend’s tragic loss.

In conclusion, Kamunge urged viewers to be vigilant, especially during the rainy season when frogs seek shelter in unexpected places. By checking shoes and closets regularly, tragedies like this could be prevented. Let us honor her friend’s memory by spreading awareness and taking necessary precautions. Stay safe, stay vigilant.


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