Rish Kamunge, a tiktoker who became known after interacting with Pastor Kanyari, sais that he does not need any man to be able to cater for her needs.

Kamunge during a live session with fellow tiktoker Hannah Benta advised her to invest the money given to her by her man instead of squandering it.

Rish during the live said that if she was to ask for money from her man, she’d ask him to get her a new office and fund her projects unlike her counterpart who would ask for a fridge worth Ksh 400,000.

” Coz I will tell you facts, mimi si Hanna Benta aty utanibuyia fridge ya sijui elfu mia nne, bro I have a project I need five million by the end of the month you give me you leave.” she said.

” I need an office in Mombasa how much will you give me,” she added.

She added that she does not want a man to pay her bills because according to her she does not struggle.

” Babe I don’t need you to pay for my bills because I have always paid for my bills, I don’t struggle,” she claimed


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Rish proceeded to ask Hannah Benta how much she uses to stock her fridge to which she replied Ksh 150,000.

She told Hannah that all that money is unnecessary for food that’s mostly snacks and she could have made do with the smaller fridge she was gifted

Rish also addressed a fan in the live who told her to go to gym. She claimed that she doesn’t need to go to the gym as she already has one in her house.

She went ahead to display her house in Nakuru while explaining that she does not need to hire a BNB as she already owns a house in Nakuru.

She claimed that she hires her house as a BNB when she is away as that is one of the many businesses she does.

Hannah Benta could only silently watch in awe as she stated here and there during the live that Rish is giving her unnecessary pressure and will not pay her a visit as earlier agreed.

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