American Superstar Rihanna recently made an apperance to the launch of her new puma collection featuring Fenty.

The mother of two made her way to the red carpet in a chilled outfit, a fluffly purple coat , mommy jeans and purple pumas to match.

As usual, interviewers scrambled for a chance to have a one on one with the ”Diamonds” hitmaker.

One spot on Journalist asked Rihanna if she had ever imagined that her family would look like what she had now.

She explained that just like most women, she had always had a list of what she wanted, a happy loving family where they break generational curses and raise thier children in love insisting that nobody ever imagines their family in future.

Typical of the self made billionaire, she cracked a joke about her imagining that her  children  would genetically inherit her beautiful fore head.

”Probably the only thing that I imagined was the forehead on Rza.I mean you cannot lose this thing.” she stated amid laughs as she tapped her forehead.

The ”Roc nation” signee wears many hearts, she is a singer, an actress, a business woman, a model, a partner and a mother and it is incredible how she juggles all that.

It was therefore not surprising that a jounalist wanted to know what the mega superstar could really not do as she seemed to many like a super woman.

Rihanna sent the room sprawling in laughter after she revealed that the only thing  she could not do was give birth to girls quickly inserting a cheeky yet to her remark.

The singer is always a fan favorite in the red carperts due to her witty jokes andher iconic clap backs.

One of her A list clap back was when an interviewer once asked her what she was looking for in a man.

The mother of two boldy replied that she was not looking for man and that needed to be the starting point in the conversation.

”I am not looking for a man, Let us start there.” She replied.

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