Fast rising artist Sofiya Nzau has caused mixed reactions after her recent performance in blankets and wine.

The ”Mwaki” hitmaker took it to the stage with a wide legged jumpsuit with no strap and all was okey until the jumpsuit threatened to fall down.

One arm on the mic and the other on her outfit, the superstar stuglled to keep things together.

She looked uncomfortable her whole performance and it showed on all the videos that have been circulating online.

In a post shared by Nairobi gossip, a popular blog in Kenya, netizens descended on the comment section to air out their opinions on her outfit and her performance in general.

Some notorious netizens blasted her fashion stylist stating that she did not do fitting before the performance .

Her fans however came to her rescue. They begged netizens to cut the artist some slack as she was still mew in the music industry.

Due to the nature of the wide legged style of the jumpsuit, others likened  her style to popular singer ”Bienaime” who has made wide legged pants his signature style.

”Siku hizi mnashikilia tiddies na belt?”

”Amevaa trouser ya Bien.”

”Anashikilia nini na yeye alijivalisha. Vitu zingine siezi vaa heri mniite kienyezi promax.”

”Cut her some slack. She is still new to the game and she is really kicking it. She was the most streamed on spotify.” the netizens shared.

The superstar’s outfit is not the only thing that caught the attention of hawk-eyed netizens.

Fans were quick to notice that she performed to an almost empty crowd which was shocking considering that her song has became an international hit.

”Niskie mmesema aty sold out.”

”Kwani she performed for 8 people.”

”Kenyans we do not support our own, how come she is international and her crowd is pretty empty.” netizens questioned.





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