Empowerment Christian Church Pastor Rev. Lucy Natasha  has claimed her source of wealth is not from the church

According to her, for the past three years, she has not used  a single cent  from her church, indicating that she solely relies on her businesses.

She also encouraged other to have multiple sources of income.

“I have never taken a cent from our church in 3 years. Because I feel we are in God’s work together. Before then for more than 12 years I was a travelling Pastor, doing crusades, seminars, that is what is very strong in my heart. I have over 12 books, I am a businesswoman. Every person should strive to have more than 4 streams of income. Ata kama it’s starting small small,” Natasha told Oga Obinna.

Asked about her net worth she said, “That is a very interesting question. Being a woman of God, I don’t really measure my net worth based on the wealth or what God has given me, but based on the lives I am able to impact. For me, I always feel more blessed when I count the millions of young people I have been able to reach. I can’t be able to quantify and say it’s this amount.”

At the same time, she explained why she is popularly known as The Oracle.

“It is a prophetic name and by prophetic, I mean it is not a name that my mother gave to me or it is a name that I was given, it is a name that God gave me, which I embraced. That name simply means like God’s mouthpiece or messenger. I am just  God’s authorized mouthpiece nothing else,” Natasha said.


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