Rayvanny has opened up on his move to ditch Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi and launch his own recording label.

Speaking in an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the Bongo singer said that his move was influenced by the fact that he had grown to a point of where he could stand on his own and support others as well.

“It’s just growth steps and moving from one place to another. I decided where I had reached, I could move and support others and not continue being supported. You know parents raise you and once you are grown, you have to move from home. Wasafi is my family but now I have my own movements, it’s been a year now, I am going so strong and things are well,” he said.

The Tetema hitmaker further admitted that Diamond was not pleased when he told him that he wanted to leave.

Rayvanny said that his departure was not easy, because there was also a lot of push and pull as money was involved.

“We were just having our normal chitchat(with Diamond), then I touched about me leaving, coz I know him. He is proud of me but he was reluctant. I felt it, he later understood it and he didn’t put many complications,  he presented me to the rest of the team, there were push and pulls but we managed to part ways peacefully and we still have a good relationship,” he said.

“Unajua ni mambo ya riziki, mambo ya hela kwa hio kufika kwenye  makubaliano haiwangi rahisi lakini ni vizuri tuliweza kumaliza in a positive way,” he explained.

The father of one also revealed that he paid twice and more of what Harmonize did when he quit Wasafi.

“I paid double and even more of what Harmonize paid,” he said adding that he completed the full pay, and doesn’t have any debts with Wasafi.

Rayvanny however said that he doesn’t mind how much he paid as the most important thing in the end is having peace.

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