Former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia has dropped hints that she is in a new relationship.

The mother of two took to her Instagram account to share her video with a lightly bearded man, spending some quality time in a swimming pool.

She however concealed the man’s face but he was captured giving her a peck. The most visible parts of his face were his one of his eyes, chin and teeth. He also had chains on his neck

In the background of the video played Nyashinski’s Perfect Design.

Netizens are however positive that its just a matter of time before the identity of the lucky guy is revealed.

“Nipee hadi kesho noon,,nitawaambia ni Nani….kama unataka kujua piga like,” an Instagram user promised.

Another said, “Kuna kamkenya kamoja kanajua hizo meno hata tufunike lips, mtaona.”

“Anakaa Nelly Oaks,” read another comment.


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Before the lovey dovey post, Jacky said, ” 2024 is going be a good year. You are going to love this one.”

Earlier, she had also asked men to marry her, while gushing over how beautiful she is.

“I was about to complain how tired I am then I saw my next look for my next scene and I’m like, forget what I said. Daaaamn! Mama girls! It’s officially a crime, someone marry this woman,” the Zora actress said.

Her presumed new romance comes just four months after she announced that she is “a proud single mum of two”, confirming speculations that she had parted ways with actor Blessing Lungaho.

On several occasions, Jackie has also  hinted that Blessing does not support in raising their 1-year old daughter.

Jackie also previously said that she was not ready to fall in love again and was still in the process of healing.

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