Controversial man of the cloth Pastor Kanyari got into a heated argument on TikTok live with former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko over alleged borrowed election campaign money.

In the video the controversial pastor appearing completely angry accused the former governor of duping him out of his money.

“Sonko kwanini unataka kuninyang’anya surely. Governor give me back my money. I’m serious nipatie pesa zangu. My sweat I gave you my sweat.” Kanyari said.

He, Kanyari, told the governor to tell him where to pick his money adding that after being refunded would come back to the live and announce that he’s been paid.

“Niambie nikujie pesa yangu saa hii. Niambie kwenye uko nikuje unipatie pesa yangu. Nitachukua gari yangu nikuje nichukue pesa yangu na nitakuja hapa tiktok niseme umenirudishia.” He said.

The former governor however dismissed the accusations saying that Kanyari is only after viewership.

“Mbona unandanganyana, kama wewe ni mtu wa Mungu kwanini unadanganyana lakini Kanyari. What is wrong with you.” Sonko said.

“Unasababisha niskie uchungu zaidi ukisema nadanganya. Kwanini unasema nadanganya and you know I’m talking the truth.” the pastor said refuting claims of him lying.

Sonko supporting his claim said he was a governor five years ago adding that he did not campaign or fundraise for his campaigns saying that he had enough money at the time.

“Why are you lying to Kenyans, When I was campaigning I had a lot of money. Mimi sina pesa yako.” He said.

He however challenged Kanyari to produce evidence to show that he truly gave him the money adding that if he had taken money from the man of God he’d have already given it back.

“If I had your money I’d have already called you to come collect. Stop lying to Kenyans.” The former governor said.

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