According to human rights advocate and activist Boniface Mwangi, he views each meal he eats before a protest as his last.

Mwangi claimed in the title of a video that was uploaded on X on Monday that he hasn’t gotten enough sleep since the first Occupy Parliament demonstrations, which have subsequently evolved into a nationwide movement for change.

“Every meal l eat before l head to a protest is my last supper. I haven’t slept well in weeks but the struggle is stronger than sleep,” he said.

He also added that he has not been sleeping well in weeks since the protests began but the struggle was stronger than sleep.

Boniface said that his wife “cut the video too soon” as they were filming skits while he and his family were eating dinner.

Boniface had a major role in organising the June 18 and June 25 Occupy Parliament demonstrations, during which young demonstrators actually carried out their threat to “occupy Parliament.”

He claimed to have been the first to warn of the presence of goons planning to cause havoc inside the peaceful march on June 25 during the protests.

After a group of young people broke over police barricades and attacked Parliament, police opened fire in response to the chaos.

He cleared youthful, nonviolent protestors of all charges of rioting and looting at the most recent anti-tax demonstrations.

Before officials allegedly used goons to suppress the growing narrative that was jeopardizing the government’s popularity, Mwangi claimed the leaderless movement had noble intentions.

The activist accused the goons as mentioned earlier of assaulting Parliament when the peaceful demonstrators merely intended to do a sit-in outside the building while the Members of Parliament were voting on the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

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