A 5-storey building in Nairobi’s Mountain View Ward, Uthiru, around the Ilri area collapsed at around 10 pm on Tuesday evening

The building , which was home to  34 residents, started sinking slowly, allowing residents to jump out and exit the building safely.

The ground floor and first floor sank to the ground leaving the third floor on  ground level.

The County Government Of Nairobi released a public statement stating that all the 34 residents of the collapsed building have been accounted for.

This addresses the earlier concerns about four missing residents which included a 10-year-old girl, a boy and a pregnant woman. There is also concerns on the ground floor that was yet to be accessed.

In a statement issued by Chief officer of Disaster Management, Bramwel Simiyu, the Nairobi City County emergency team are scouring the area before the arrival of Kenya Defence Forces from Kahawa Barracks.

There is also a house with a gas flame that will be allowed to burn out safely.

” All thirty four residents of the collapsed building in Nairobi’s Mountain View Ward have been located and are safe. There is no casualty. The Nairobi City County Government is providing immediate humanitarian aid for the night and plans to provide further support and facilitate reintegration.” the statement read.

Meanwhile, KDF has joined in the search mission rescue and search mission.

Further investigations on the collapse, which has been attributed to the ongoing rains, will  be conducted, according to officials.

However, the owner had shared a message with her tenants after they noticed that the building had started collapsing.

In her message she said that an engineer has inspected the building and confirmed it was safe.

“Hi All. Engineer Chege has been and inspected the building. He stated that the building structure is safe. Due to the heavy rainfall, backfilling soil has soaked through, thus the floor breakage,” read the message in part. I am concerned for all of us and I would not wish for anything wrong with our building. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any concerns.”

“I’ve booked another engineer to give us a second opinion. He will be here 8 am (on Wednesday),” she said.



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