Renowned Kenyan rapper, Octopizzo has called on fellow artists to utilize their platforms to amplify social issues affecting their communities.

His appeal came during a memorial concert held in honor of those who lost their lives during the recent protests that saw the withdrawal of the Finance Bill 2024.

Addressing fellow artists in an interview, Octopizzo emphasized the critical role that artists can play in shaping and driving change.

“It is high time pia wasaani watokee,” he declared. “Kuna wasani wengine hawakutokea. Si lazima watokee but I’m just saying when you have a platform like we have, it is so important uki air things to do with leadership, not only politics.”

Octopizzo pointed out that politics is an inescapable aspect of our lives and that artists should not use their brands images and clients as their excuses.

“Na hawezi hepa politics. Wasee wanasemanga kila saa aty ‘ooh sijui maclient wangu.’ Client wangu kama hawezi support chenye mimi na believe in akwende. Huyo client is part of the oppressors.”

He urged artists to use their influence to highlight issues impacting those around them,

“The most important thing ni kama tunaweza get wasee watumie hizi platforms zetu kaa huwezi kuja ni sawa but use your platform to amplify. Wasee wako na problems labda wewe huna but kuna cousin yako.” He added, “Hata kuna watu wanajua uhunye na bado wamesota.”

The memorial concert served as an important reminder of the sacrifices made by those who stood against the controversial finance bill and the injustices of the government to its citizens.

His vision of freedom was the day slums like Kibra will be no more. “Freedom ni ile day Kibra itaisha, Kila mtu aiishi middle class level. Hii Kenya iko na Doo ikiamua inatumia Kwa hii country kibish inaisha. But wasee bado wanalala njaa. So sad!”

Octopizzo’s message shows the power of art and the responsibility that comes with having a public voice, encouraging artists to go beyond entertainment and use their platforms to change the society.

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