Musician and activist Kasmuel ‘Kaskazini now says he fears for his life after his abduction during the nationwide demonstration by Gen Z.

Speaking in an interview on Sunday after the Uhuru Park Memorial event for killed protestors, Kasmuel expressed his desire for safety of the country.

“We are not relenting or giving up on the course, we are staying true to it, we are saying down with this corrupt regime, we are saying down with this regime which wants to kill young people, and we are saying we are not going to lose more lives to a regime that is self-serving, that’s what we’ve said,” he noted.

The musician commented on the families that lost their loved ones during the protests, revealing  that he was among those who visited them and assisted them financially.

“I think this is the best way we could honor them, we’ve condoled with the families, we’ve visited some of the families, we’ve sent money, we’ve contributed. I think we’re doing well as Kenyans. The best thing we can also do is to be united, because there are very many voices that would come and try to divide us,” Kasmuel said.

The activist cautioned that there are people who try to divide the unity of the youth and that they should remain united.

However, Kasmuel also revealed to be living in fear for his life since his abduction. He says you cannot be sure of your safety in a country where young people are killed.

“You cannot claim safety in a country which kills innocent people, you cannot say these people died because they were demonstrating, some of them were found in their homes. So, I don’t know about my safety, but I know that if I do my honest part my children gonna be safe and the people who come after us are going to be safe and that’s what matter to me.”

Furthermore, responding to a question about his life after the abduction Kasmuel said: “Scary, life has changed, I can’t just eat anywhere, I can’t just go anywhere but it’s what we said, we said we are fearless, and we said we would do it not scared and non-afraid.”

He showed his courage to continue with the fight against corruption in the government and that he’s not ready to give up on the course.

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