The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has issued a directive to county governments to clear storm drains and demolish structures obstructing the free flow of water in a bid to reduce the floods experienced amid heavy rains.

The comes after the death toll of floods victims rose to 70 as well as over 130,000 others reported displaced.

In a public notice released on Friday, April 26, NEMA invoked Section 13 of the Sustainable Waste Management Act 2022, urging authorities to declutter drainage blockages caused by illegal structures and market waste.

The agency emphasized the need for immediate action to prevent further environmental degradation and public health risks.

In their directive, NEMA urged companies regulated under Extended Producer Responsibility rules, to minimize waste and wastewater discharge during flooding episodes.

This they say is aimed at mitigating the risk of waterway blockages and safeguard both the environment and public health.

“The public is advised to steer clear of flooded areas, seek higher ground, and heed advisories from regulatory bodies,” stated NEMA.

This even as the Kenya Meteorological Department continues to  warn about potential landslides in several regions due to the continuing heavy downpour. Areas particularly at risk include the Mt. Kenya regions, Western Kenya, and the slopes of the Aberdare ranges.

In response to the heightened risk, President William Ruto has directed the National Youth Service (NYS) to provide temporary shelter for flood-affected citizens. Priority is given to residents of landslide-prone areas, including the slopes of the Aberdare ranges and Mt. Kenya.

Nairobi, the capital city, has been severely affected, with over 30,000 residents displaced by floodwaters, according to the United Nations.

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