Popular female DJ Pierra Makena is aging like fine wine and has just turned 43 years old.

The mother of one gladly welcomed the new chapter of her life, as she looked forward to getting to 45.

“Yaas. In two years I will be fourty fine. God is God,” she captioned a video of her birthday shoot, where  she was dressed in a blue cinderella dress.

Creative Phil, a renown make-up artist, who was in the past rumoured to be Makena’s lover, also took the chance to celebrate her, referring to her as his love.

“Happy birthday my love. Wishing you nothing but happiness and blessings this year,” he said.

Pierra responded saying, ” Thank you my love.”

Reacting to the photo, an Instagram user pitied Obinna, who has been of late considered as Pierra’s perfect match.

“wooi Obinna,” she said.


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Previously Pierra addressed controversies surrounding their relationship, saying that they were just friends. The mother of one said that Phil, who is 20 years younger than her, can’t be her man.

“He is my boy, he is one of those people who , if right now Phil calls me I would show up, if I call him, he will show up we are those kind of friends. I support his  his businesses, he supports my work and when he was opening that bridal shop I was like what do we need to do to bring traffic to your shop?I was like let’s do a content that will trend and then bring attention to  that and it did and he’s selling very well,” she said in an interview with Mungai Eve.

Pierra added that she would have been smitten with Phil if they were age mates.

“Phil is so cute and if I was his age, an age younger than him I will definitely  be running after him but right now I really like my men grown,” she affirmed.

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