The African popstar Nadia Mukami has dived down the memory lane,  recalling when she was young and the different person she turned out to be.

Although the photo she re-shared has been on the socials for sometime now, Nadia herself is yet to come to terms with the transformation that she had gone through over the years.

The songstress noted that she is a living proof that nothing is permanent in this world, and that the God she trusts has never failed her.

“Future billionaire. Eti huyu ni Nadia Mukami. Mungu yupo. No situation is permanent and God comes around when you least expect it. Naamini God is just getting started with me . I have trusted him since utotoni na hajawahiniangusha,” Nadia said.

She also said that her former schoolmates can attest that she was not among those who would have become superstars in future as she loved books.

“Alumnus of  of Mount Laverna 2013 wanaezakukuambia kwa watu hawangekuwa popstars prolly I top the list coz I was a book warm ila Mungu huyu ni fundi,” Nadia said

“Please say something to motivate someone who needs to see this,” she further urged her fans.

Also in the comments section, she responded to one of the comments saying, ” Hizo ndio picha za kuomba msaada nje. Ila Mungu kazi yake hgaina makosa.”

In a separate comment, she protested against her dowry being 1 million.

“2 million, hii ni ya 5 million bana,” she said

She went on to jump into the Establish challenge.

“Due to public demand. Esther Blish. I was abeautiful girl. Nani anapinga?” she captioned the video.

The Maombi hitmaker began her music career back in 2015 while she was still a university student. She released her first song, Barua Ya Siri, and in 2017 she recorded her break through song Kesi. A year later she dropped Si Rahisi, further cementing her name in the Kenyan music industry.


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