YouTuber Ashley Wambui has revealed that she moved in with Nicholas Kioko, without permission from her parents.

In a video on her YouTube account, while responding to questions from their fans, Ashley said that her parents only discovered later that they were living together.

,”How did you convince your parents to allow you to move in na your partner,” one of their fans posed.

Responding to the question, she said, “Hata sikuwa convience na hata sikuwaambia nimepata mtu walikuja tu kujijulia baadae.”

The couple,  who are blessed with twin boys,  Roman Reigns and Roman Leo,  has never shied away from sharing their love story online, both the good parts and the challenging times. They have been open about their marriage to the large fanbase they’ve created online.

Last year Kioko disclosed that his wife was single for 3yrs before they met .

“You were actually desperate. I actually happen to be your first love,” he told his wife.

The digital media  journalist also revealed that he made his wife quit her job when they first met .

“Nilikua naona nikama sometimes umerogwa. Sikuwa nakutoa ukuwe housewife. Nilikuwa nataka utoke kazi, nikupee mimba ukae home, uzae ndio uanze kazi. But Mungu ni nani? Mungu alitimiza maombi yangu,” Kioko said then.

He also added that they are afraid of having more children because they fear they would have another set of twins,  revealing that him and his wife are taking precautions with the current cost of living.

“We are scared of getting pregnant. Just because tunaona tukipata mimba watakuwa twins na vile kulea ni ngumu. Hio mambo ya mtoto anakuja na sahani yake is a scam!” he said.



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